Introduction to the nine-way shares

Jiulu Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service-oriented manufacturing enterprise with "industrial intelligence and intelligent parking" as the main body. The company actively responds to the "14th Five-Year Plan", closely follows the national intelligent manufacturing development strategy of "deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing", and builds two major brands of "Nine-way Parking" and "Nine-Way Intelligence" through industrial structure upgrading, covering three major business clusters of intelligent parking, intelligent warehousing and high-end intelligent equipment. Through business model innovation, it gathers all aspects of the value chain, realizes a high degree of integration of products and services, and provides the most valuable one-stop solution for intelligent parking and industrial intelligent system services for the society.

In the future, Jiulu Co., Ltd. will take an open attitude, based on the intelligent manufacturing industry, deepen technological innovation, and achieve high-quality sustainable development of enterprises through the high-level coupling of industry, technology and capital, and achieve the "Nine Roads" international national brand.

Smart stereoscopic garage
Smart stereo parking
Industrial intelligent storage
Industrial intelligent storage
High-end intelligent equipment
High-end intelligent equipment
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Walk into the founder
Heart skills - Fight like a soldier
"For the way to be, be the first to cure the mind." When he was a soldier, he had a strong execution, when he was a platoon leader, he had good co-ordination, and now as an executive director, he took his forward-lookingness to the extreme. Can not only use the bottom line thinking, macro control market pulse, but also through the sense of distress, micro-master the development initiative. The military's bravery combined the businessman's shrewdness to see Chen Jinshui, the 67-year-old chairman of Shandong Nine Road Parking Equipment Co., Ltd., in the mall, how to fight like a soldier.