Innovation, creation, creation, and excitement, specialization, and new win the future

2022/08/16 11:43

The mighty Yellow River, the majestic Taishan Mountain, the Qilu Land, and the Jiangbei Water City. The Ninth Road, like the rushing Yellow River, does not give up day and night. The beginning is the sprint, the shot must be brilliant, and the completion is perfect.


On August 16, 2022, the "new perceptual parking equipment" intelligent parking explosive product newly developed by Jiulu Parking was grandly rolled off the production line, which marked the addition of new members to the Jiulu Parking Aircraft Carrier Battle Group.


JLZN-003 new perceptual parking device is an iteration of the simple to intelligent leap. Through the close combination with the AGV handling robot, the parking space under the flat parking lot view is perfectly multiplied.

Jiulu people adhere to the innovation unchanged, bullseye is not scattered, grasp the core link, keep an eye on the outstanding short board, closely follow the pulse of the market, make up for the short board, solid bottom board, strong and thin board, focus on new product research and development, test demonstration, condense the majestic strength of innovation and creation of all employees, innovation and creation, and specialize in winning the future.