Innovation changes the world, technology creates the future

2023/01/18 10:53

Innovation changes the world Technology creates the future

Jiulu Parking 2022 Annual Scientific and Technological Innovation Summary and Commendation Conference


In order to implement the "innovation-led" strategy in depth , strengthen the construction of scientific and technological talents, make planning innovation, promoting innovation, and implementing innovation a conscious action of all employees, continuously improve the company's core competitiveness, accelerate towards high-end, and achieve high-quality leapfrog development . On January 17 , the company held a scientific and technological innovation summary and commendation conference .


? The meeting was presided over by Chen Guoyun, the executive vice president of the company




Chen Jinshui, chairman of the company , Ju Changfu, vice chairman, Chen Jian, general manager of intelligent storage, Fang Lizong, general manager of intelligent parking and other leaders attended the meeting.



The conference summed up the scientific and technological innovation work in 2022, commended and rewarded the winning teams and individuals of innovative research and development projects, innovation and transformation projects, and process innovation projects , and awarded scientific and technological innovation pacesetters, process innovation pacesetters, digital innovation pacesetters, innovative cutting-edge pacesetters , and technology transformation awards , Outstanding Contribution Award and other awards . Encourage them to keep the spirit of innovation forever and develop more scientific and technological achievements! At the same time , make arrangements for the scientific and technological innovation work in 2023.

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?? Shen Jingchao, director of the R&D Center, made a report on the scientific and technological innovation achievements in 2022 to the conference .

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Fang Lizong, general manager of Nine Road Parking, read out the company's commendation and reward decision




Wang Shudong and Lu Zhongzhong , as individual and team award-winning representatives, thanked the company for its emphasis on and care for R&D , and fully mobilized the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of R&D technicians in the field of scientific research. At the same time, this honor will also become the motivation to lead them to a new height, be strict with self-discipline, and continuously improve and perfect their innovation ability in their work.


Ju Changfu, the vice chairman and chief engineer , made a summary of the company 's 2022 scientific and technological research and development work. In 2022 , the company's innovative research and development projects and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements have achieved remarkable results . The company was awarded the national honorary title of " Specialized, Special and New Key Little Giant Enterprise " , and two provincial titles " Single Champion Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry in Shandong Province " and "Gazelle Enterprise in Shandong Province". Ju Changfu pointed out that the purpose of holding today's scientific and technological innovation summary and commendation conference is to establish a value orientation of pioneering and innovative and courageously enterprising. In 2023 , we will focus on doing a good job in the layout of scientific research and development , and do a good job in the following aspects :

One is close to the market. "Customers are our bread and butter." Our products ultimately serve the market and customers. The competition in the market is ultimately the competition between products and services. We need to further improve the innovation mechanism. The income of technical R&D personnel is directly linked to the market performance of their products. Encourage technical personnel to go to the market, actively listen to customer opinions, improve the targeting rate of new product development, and accurately target the pain points and difficulties of the market and customers. , to add value to customers and empower services.
???| The second is continuous learning. Not to be attached to the past and not afraid of the future, we need to establish a training mechanism for R&D technicians, build a career growth channel for technicians, and promote the continuous improvement of the capabilities of technicians. Technicians must have an empty cup mentality, learn from the market, learn from competitors, and overcome impetuousness Mindset, perseverance, and no other distractions, can produce more scientific and technological achievements and build our moat with a series of new products and services. At the same time, we need to establish a fault-tolerant mechanism to allow mistakes in innovation.
???| The third is to speed up the pace of innovation, innovation is not limited to technology, we must have the courage to break the shackles of thought, have the courage to self-denial, self-rebirth, actively explore organizational and mechanism reforms, and face market challenges.


?????????||| _ _ _ _ _ And pay high respects. Chen Jinshui pointed out that " scientific and technological innovation is the foundation of our development " , strengthen scientific and technological innovation, build a domestic first-class high-end intelligent equipment research and development platform, and stimulate new vitality for enterprise development. To build a highland of talents. It is necessary to come up with breakthrough and hard recruiting methods, retaining talents with treatment and business, so that the introduced talents, concepts, technologies and other elements can be optimally combined with the company's resources to create new vitality and benefits, so that they can be introduced and used well , can stay. Carry out the school-enterprise joint construction model, hire well-known scholars and professors from universities to provide intellectual support and top-level technical design for the R&D center , and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in core technology research and development. We must adhere to the market-first orientation, solve the pain points and difficulties in the market, unswervingly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, give full play to the main role of innovation in the R&D center , vigorously cultivate the industry's first, unique, and exclusive products that can replace imported products, and forge more The "killer mace" is to "smooth" the market impact with the strength and hard core led by innovation. To promote high-efficiency transformation , efforts must be made to increase the ratio of transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, better protect and encourage high-value patents, accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements from samples to products and then to commodities, and truly transform scientific research achievements into competitive advantages . The results are transformed into real productivity as soon as possible.

In the future, the company will continue to increase R&D investment to ensure that R&D investment accounts for about 5% of operating income, strengthen the introduction and cultivation of high-end talents and the construction of innovative teams, and increase the incentives for technical personnel. We believe that a young and professional scientific research and technical team with strong innovation ability will definitely be able to continuously inject innovation driving force into the development of the enterprise, so as to promote deep reform and industrial innovation in the industry.

"Cowards never set out, the weak are on the way, and we are the only ones left to move forward! " Victory will always belong to those who are hardworking, persistent, innovators, and those who believe that a better future will definitely happen. Go forward persistently, adhere to long-termism, and we will be friends of time together; let us work together to "become a respected and trusted industry leader in intelligent equipment and services led by intelligent parking and intelligent storage equipment " Goals all the way!








" Innovation creates excellence, specialization wins the future " with the power of science and technology " make life smarter ? and make the future better "!