The German business community is once again focusing on China to create another innovative technology that is again causing concern!

2021/10/15 13:28
Although the persistence of the epidemic has brought more uncertainty to the global economic recovery, China has achieved major technological changes in its economic development and society through technological innovation. A joint intel survey published by Newsweek predicts that China will overtake the United States as the world leader in technological innovation within the next 30 years.

In October 2021, the vertical cycle three-dimensional garage equipped with "damping anti-swing technology" developed by Nine Parking was sent to Germany, and its application immediately aroused widespread reaction from German industry.




Vertical cycle three-dimensional garage "damping anti-swing technology", clever application of damping principle, to achieve the fast, accurate and reliable position of the car tray, completely eliminate the phenomenon of swinging, to bring users a new smooth parking experience.

Made in China, from "labeling" to "branding", from "manufacturing" to "creation", from "running" to "leading", all the way, China is moving from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.
Nine-way parking keep in mind the initial mission, follow the national innovation-driven development strategy, practice correct innovation, accelerate the "can get up", "strong up" pace, to build a global competitiveness of the international national brand, leading China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry to the world.

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