Nine-way parking won the first prize of science and technology in Shandong Province machinery industry

2019/08/03 14:45

Recently, after the strict review and evaluation of Shandong Machinery Industry Expert Committee, the nine-way parking "new PCX vertical cycle three-dimensional garage" project won the first prize of Shandong Province Machinery Industry Science and Technology.


Nine-way parking "new PCX vertical cycle three-dimensional garage", set twelve scientific and technological innovation achievements in one. Flexible cycle lifting system technology: the use of PA polymer steel guide wheel, friction coefficient is small, equipment operation noise-free, through the "flexible" cycle movement, improve the operating efficiency of equipment, extend the service life of equipment;

Multi-stage transmission technology: through the "three-stage four-chain" safe and smooth transmission technology and transmission shaft optimization design, improve the synchronization and symmetry of power output;

Safe power-off manual access device: the use of stageless variable speed technology, in the case of power failure, by hand-wheel drive to complete the access car;

Random mobile charging system technology: through sliding touch, slip ring, bridge, non-stop charging design, the garage random mobile charging;

Modular design and manufacturing advanced technology: the use of high reliability, large load, modular main frame and advanced welding process design, its installation accuracy control within ± 2mm, to achieve garage standardization, mass production;

The above-mentioned new technology application effectively guarantees the stability, reliability and safety of vertical loop three-dimensional garage operation.


Equipment successfully passed the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association organized scientific and technological achievements identification: the technical performance of the whole machine reached the leading domestic level, economic and social benefits are significant, the market prospects are broad. And won the first prize of machinery industry science and technology in Shandong Province.


Science and technology Xingbang, industrial Development, nine-way parking do not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission, adhere to innovation-driven enterprise development, and actively practice as a leader of enterprises, so that value-sharing enterprise vision.