Nine-way parking won the top ten "awards"

2019/08/07 14:44

On the eve of the August 1st Army Day, the Central Military Commission awarded ten generals the rank of "admiral" as police officers. At the same time, the nine-way parking innovation research and development team also won the top ten "award" honors.


The innovative research and development team is led by Mr. Chen Jinshui, Chairman of the Nine Road Parking Board, and consists of: Chief Engineer Yu Changfu, General Manager Fang Lizong (Engineer), Research and Development Center Director Guo Quanzhi (Engineer), Deputy Director of research and development center Yang Xitian (engineer), engineer Wang Zhitong, Deputy Director of Research and Development Center Wang Wei (engineer), engineer Wang Shudong, research and development workshop director Wu Anliang (engineer), and craftsman Bai Zhongzhen (engineer).

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Research and development team has the courage to innovate, tenacious attack, and constantly break through the vertical cycle three-dimensional garage technical barriers.

Nine-way parking Research and development team developed a double closed-loop anti-swing system, damping anti-swing system, completely solved the garage in the extreme position of the gap period car disc swinging problem, a number of cutting-edge innovative technology successful research and development and application, won the high evaluation of the Committee of Experts, awarded the research and development team on the top ten "award" honor.

Nine-way parking will continue to dig deep into their potential, give full play to the CLP Group's 38th Research Institute Ph.D. innovation base, Shandong Province intelligent three-dimensional garage engineering laboratory and other platform advantages, multi-level to stimulate innovation potential, to achieve scientific and technological achievements and upgrade, while with the German Porenz Group joint venture brand advantages, to achieve high-quality development of enterprises.