Leading the New Policy Transfers New Kinetic Energy Nine-way parking with Shandong counterparts

2021/10/13 17:41

Keywords: Vertical loop three-dimensional garage

Shandong Province, the new and old kinetic energy conversion major projects have now entered a critical period of development and implementation. Nine-way parking and policy peers, precision, cultivate new kinetic energy, focus on high-end equipment (three-dimensional garage) intelligent manufacturing, urban static traffic construction, intelligent "parking cloud" platform construction. By force ETC, focus on the new blue sea, nine parking to achieve high-quality development.


(Dr. Hu Jinsong, 38th China Electric Group, parking guide on the 9th Road)

Nine-way parking public affairs department - is the enterprise comprehensive strength display window, to fulfill the mission of the bridge link with the government.

Departments are mainly responsible for governments at all levels of special funds, scientific and technological innovation projects, research and development platform construction, invention patents, brand honor, such as the declaration, claim work.


Like the chairman, the military-born minister - Liu Chao, Weneng write materials, Wueng na project, coordinate the integration of company resources, the company's year-round declaration of the project feasibility control. Military-born him, hard style, work in a strong style, the military style and the rigor of the army into the work, for the nine-way parking won a number of major honors and innovation awards.

Vice Minister of Research - Wang Chunliang, experienced, keen policy trends forecasting ability, project policy rapid and accurate interpretation, capture the key points of project declaration. There are key, hierarchical organization of declaration materials, outreach to the government, internal coordination, two-way information exchange, the company has the support and trust of all levels of government.

Bachelor of University, non-liberal arts-born project specialists - Wang Shuai, Bian Jiadi, quick thinking, strong logic, can quickly organize and integrate the company's cultural philosophy and business model, clear material preparation, content professional. With the most classic text depicts the nine road, with the most accurate language interpretation of the nine road.


(Some of the honors received by the Company)


The team has won a number of honors and awards, and is now conquering the key research and development program (major scientific and technological innovation project) project in Shandong Province. In order to fully implement the provincial government to speed up the deployment of scientific and technological innovation work, the full realization of the old and new kinetic energy conversion, the team up and down, carefully study the document, is to launch a new round of attacks on the goal.


The company's key research and development project "parking cloud", in the smart city, intelligent traffic construction and application areas have achieved good economic and social benefits, become a model of nine-way parking new and old kinetic energy conversion.

Nine-way parking to borrow new policies, transfer new kinetic energy, stimulate new potential, to achieve high-quality rapid development of enterprises.