Break through and seek development, innovation leads a new chapter

2023/01/11 17:07

Born for innovation, come for disruption. Since the beginning of 2020, the epidemic has been raging for three years, which has hindered the development of many industries, and the conventional development logic of enterprises has undergone fundamental changes. In the face of unprecedented uncertainty and huge challenges in the internal and external environment, who can turn crises into opportunities and win development opportunities? Who can break through and achieve Nirvana breakthrough? Only innovators advance, only innovators are strong, only innovators win, and development is the last word.

Establish and seek development, innovation leads a new chapter. At the beginning of the new year in 2023, Jiulu Parking grandly launched a new generation of vertical circulation three-dimensional garage. This product integrates Jiulu's six core patented technologies and represents the most advanced models at home and abroad.


One of the core patented technologies: chainless transmission technology


"Chainless transmission technology" subverts the traditional chain transmission form. Its instantaneous transmission ratio is constant, the transmission power is large, the transmission efficiency is 96% to 99%, the noise is low, the stability is high, the structure is compact and reliable, and its service life is traditional. More than 10 times that of the chain. The successful application of this technology in the vertical circulation three-dimensional garage has completely solved the hidden danger of accidents caused by the small chain breaking and stalling from the source, and greatly improved the safety value, practical value and economic value.

The second core patented technology: self-balancing damping technology


"Self-balancing damping technology" breaks through the traditional complex guide rail anti-swing structure, and makes full use of the car and vehicle's own weight and the friction between the special damping material and the car shaft to slow down the movement speed and achieve the self-balancing and stable car. This technology completely solves the potential safety hazards of car shaking and derailment due to excessive swing during the operation of the vertical circulation three-dimensional garage.

The third core patented technology: self-lubricating oil-containing composite new material guide wheel technology


"Self-lubricating oil-containing composite new material guide wheel technology", innovatively applied a new oil-containing composite material, which has super high wear resistance and shock absorption performance, excellent self-lubrication; antistatic, anti-smoldering, anti-aging; Operating environment temperature -40℃~80℃; excellent mechanical properties, light weight, easy installation, maintenance-free, and the service life can be extended by more than 10 times. This technology truly realizes the oil-free lubrication of the guide wheel of the lifting large chain, which greatly prolongs the service life of the main structure, and the garage runs noiselessly and smoothly.

The fourth core patented technology: intelligent security anti-opening anti-scratch technology


"Intelligent safety anti-opening and anti-scratch technology" innovatively applies the principle of exquisite mechanical transmission, and converts the linear motion of the pusher into the up and down motion of the safe horizontal gear lever through the lever linkage mechanism. Real-time uninterrupted scanning and confirmation of the closed state of the car door stored on the car through the photoelectric detection system. When an empty car runs to the entrance and exit position of the lowest floor of the garage, the pusher will act, and the safety gear lever will fall to the place, waiting for the driver to deposit the vehicle. After the vehicle has been stored, if the door is in the open state, the safety horizontal gear lever cannot be lifted, and the whole parking equipment cannot be started; The pole rotates and rises until it gradually reaches the vertical limit height, then the parking equipment can start to operate, and the stored vehicle can be safely lifted to the designated space position.

The successful application of intelligent safety anti-opening and anti-scratch technology fundamentally solves the potential safety hazards caused by the door not being closed or the stranded people in the car pushing the door to get off when the garage is running, and at the same time avoids the accidents caused by damage to the car and machine. greater economic loss.

The fifth core patented technology: safe electromagnetic damping and anti-swing technology



"Safe electromagnetic damping anti-swing technology" is a safety damping technology that transmits constant torque through the medium of magnetic field. The damper uses magnets to generate the media magnetic field. The damper plate has no contact with the magnetic attraction, no sliding friction, long service life, stable tension control, compact structure design, small size, and easy installation.

The electromagnetic damping and anti-swing technology of the vertical circulation three-dimensional garage, cleverly applying the principle of electromagnetic damping, realizes the fast, accurate and reliable positioning of the car when it runs to the entrance and exit at the bottom of the garage, completely eliminates the swinging phenomenon of the car, and brings a new level of stability to the user parking experience.

Sixth core patented technology: safe windproof and shockproof technology


"Safe windproof and anti-seismic technology" innovatively applies the principle of "mechanical balance". During the operation of the lifting chain, the chain triangular plate and the anti-seismic device distributed along the arc track achieve multi-point rolling contact, which acts on all cars. The impact force generated by the wind load and earthquake load on the car and the vehicle is effectively hedged, buffered and shock-absorbed, which solves the problem of instability of the vertical cycle parking equipment car running to the top due to strong wind load and earthquake load. Appraisaled by a third-party professional organization, it has reached the use environment requirements of wind resistance level 10 and earthquake resistance level 8, effectively expanding the application scenarios of vertical circulation three-dimensional parking equipment, and achieving significant social benefits.


Jiulu Parking's new generation of vertical circulation intelligent three-dimensional garage innovation and upgrade was established in February 2022. The vice chairman and chief engineer of Jiulu Parking is headed by Ju Changfu. The innovative research and development team, after nearly a year of overcoming difficulties, the new generation of vertical circulation three-dimensional garage was successfully rolled off the production line on January 3, 2023.


The R & D and application of the new generation of vertical circulation three-dimensional garage marks that Jiulu, as a national-level specialized special new key "little giant" enterprise, once again redefines the vertical circulation intelligent three-dimensional garage, and establishes Jiulu Parking's continuous innovation leadership in the parking industry It has played a leading role in the innovative development and product iteration of the industry.


Since its establishment, Jiulu Parking has always adhered to the road of specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty development under the care, expectation and strong support of the expert leaders of the "Parking Equipment Working Committee of China Heavy Machinery Association", and used innovation Drive and lead, actively promote the transformation and application of core technologies and scientific research achievements, actively cultivate and develop new economic growth points, and contribute nine ways to the scientific and technological progress and healthy development of the parking industry.

The spring of the parking industry in 2023 has been called, and there has never been a spring that we have looked forward to so much. After setbacks, we continue to rise up and harden into steel through hardships. "If you don't break the Loulan, you will never return it", "Don't wait for the whip to rise up", born in the sun, follow the light, let the struggle create miracles, and start again.