People's Daily, October 8, 2022: 100% usage! Dongguan People's Hospital vertical circulation three-dimensional garage effectively alleviates parking difficulties

2022/10/11 17:33


The body of the article

At 8:00 a.m., it is the peak period for going to work and visiting the doctor, but in the vertical circulation intelligent three-dimensional parking lot located on the east side of Dongguan People's Hospital, vehicles enter the parking space in an orderly manner, and the centralized storage needs of all commuters are realized within 30 minutes, and there is no congestion inside and outside the venue. Mr. Lin gave a thumbs up, "In the past, it was too difficult to find a parking space, so you could only get up early to grab a seat, but now it is very convenient and smooth." ”


Completed at the end of 2020 and put into use in April 2021, as the largest vertical circulation intelligent three-dimensional parking lot in China, the "Dongguan People's Hospital Intelligent Three-dimensional Parking Lot" has been "born" for nearly two years, and the project was built by Shandong Jiulu Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. The hospital said that its utilization rate has reached 100%, and it has zero failures and zero complaints so far, which effectively solves the problem of parking difficulties for medical staff and ensures the work rhythm and order of hospital personnel.

? ? ?According to reports, before 2020, there are about 1,700 parking spaces open to the public in the Red House Branch of Dongguan People's Hospital, and there are problems such as parking difficulties and parking chaos during peak medical treatment. In order to alleviate the problem of public parking difficulties, Dongguan City has promoted the three-dimensional transformation of the original ground parking lot on the basis of optimizing the parking traffic organization in the hospital and improving the turnover rate.


Under the impetus of many parties, in 2020, a building with a hexagonal "hive" on the east side of the hospital was erected, with a unique shape and a characteristic landscape of the hospital. On April 25, 2021, Dongguan People's Hospital vertical circulation intelligent three-dimensional parking lot put into operation launching ceremony was held, the total investment of the parking lot is about 61 million yuan, increase parking spaces 1008, this new parking lot opened for use on May 1 of that year, is the largest and most technologically advanced project of similar parking projects in China, and is also the largest vertical circulation three-dimensional intelligent parking project in Dongguan.


? "The parking lot is used by hospital medical staff and staff, from selection, design to practical application to meet the vehicle throughput requirements of the hospital during the rush hour." Li Hongjun, the construction party of the vertical circulation intelligent three-dimensional parking lot of Dongguan People's Hospital and the general manager of Guangdong Region of Shandong Jiulu Parking Equipment Co., Ltd., introduced that in the past two years, the three-dimensional parking lot has been running smoothly, safely, reliably and stably, and has operated with zero failures and zero complaints.

? ? With the increase in the number of motor vehicles, more and more governments and enterprises are exploring the construction of three-dimensional parking lots. According to the statistics of the industry association, in the vertical circulation intelligent three-dimensional garage segment, the new share of nine-way parking has ranked first in the industry for three consecutive years. PCX type vertical circulation mechanical parking equipment as the company's main products, through the national scientific and technological achievements appraisal, product technology innovation is outstanding, to achieve the domestic technology leading level. As a comprehensive service-oriented manufacturing enterprise with the theme of "parking", Jiulu Parking has grown into a national-level specialized new key "Little Giant" enterprise and a single champion enterprise in Shandong Province's manufacturing industry, covering the research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service of four intelligent three-dimensional garages in vertical circulation, plane mobile, large car and roadway stacking, and participated in the construction and upgrading of many parking lots in the Pearl River Delta region.


?Dongguan citizens are also increasingly accepting such a new way of parking. In the three-dimensional parking lot, the hospital staff who come to access the car is endless, and the whole process is simple and fast. 53 groups of vertical circulation three-dimensional parking equipment have 53 access and access car entrances and exits, and the width of the driving channel and the traffic flow planning are scientific. The vehicle can freely enter and exit the parking lot through the license plate recognition system, and the owner can access the car independently through the form of swiping the card, without the assistance of the staff. While "expanding", the hospital also further rationalizes the parking order through scientific management, so that the citizens who come to the hospital can experience more convenience.

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