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Yesterday’s achievements are monuments carved behind the forerunners, and tomorrow’s glory is the responsibility given to the forerunners by history. The times will engrave the fruits of these years, the concentrated glory, the efforts of entrepreneurs, and the footprints of pioneers, one by one, and set it as eternity.

National specialized new key "little giant" enterprises

Shandong Manufacturing "Single Champion"

Gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province

Liaocheng intelligent high-end equipment industry chain "chain master" enterprises

National Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award

First Prize of Shandong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award

Shandong Province "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises

Shandong Provincial Industrial Design Center

Shandong well-known brand

Shandong Province integrated management system of the standard pilot enterprise

Shandong Provincial Government's first purchase of innovative products enterprises

Shandong high-quality brand

Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory

Smart Garage R&D Center Doctoral Innovation Base

High-tech enterprise in Shandong Province